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Meet Chase

Not currently accepting new clients

Winston-Salem counseling. Trauma and recovery for anxiety and relationships.

Chase Salmons, LCMHC

Session format options:


Virtual / Telehealth

Chase is a Winston local and has been working as a professional counselor since 2016.


Chase loves working with people who are seeking to grow, overcome anxiety, explore relationship issues, or who have questions about their careers and future.

In his work with families, Chase enjoys working with parents and kids (13+) who want to improve things at home and learn how to do life together better. Chase is also passionate about helping couples (premarital & existing marriages) build strong foundations for their connection and find tools to enhance communication and intimacy.

Chase has a long history of involvement in various church communities, and

his experiences within them inform his work and understanding of

what it means to be a human.


Prior to launching RFC, Chase worked with clients in a local outpatient substance abuse treatment center, a high school guidance office, a top-tier university counseling department, and alongside other group practices in the area.

  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (#12493)

  • EMDR-Trained Clinician

  • Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator

  • Advanced Motivational Interviewing Clinician

  • MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling -- Wake Forest University

  • BA, International & Global Studies -- University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • Redfish Counseling Practice Founder


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Anxiety, Depression, & Mood

Unpacking past baggage

EMDR & Trauma

Anger management

Premarital counseling

Addiction & Recovery

Career counseling & assessment

Parenting and child dynamics

Insurance & Billing Options:

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Blue Cross & Blue Shield*

Sailing Boat

Private-pay & Out of Network

  • *May NOT include Blue Local​ & Medicare-sponsored plans*

  • *May NOT include Aetna Select & Medicare-sponsored plans* 

From Chase:

"I remember the first time I felt truly heard

Headshot 2_edited_edited_edited_edited.j

while sitting across from a counselor I worked with when I was in high school.




          Creating that same experience for clients is an essential part of how I approach counseling work.

My goal as a counselor is to support you in the process of getting where you want to go.

When we meet, we'll identify your goals and create plans to move toward them. Sometimes goals in counseling take time to become clear, and that's okay. Whether you already know exactly what you need, or you're feeling stuck and confused, our sessions will give you freedom to explore without feeling like you're spinning your wheels.

  • If you're anxious and on edge, we'll find strategies that will help you feel empowered to take back control.

  • If you're depressed, we'll address the things that keep you stuck and find ways to help you get moving.

  • If you're confused or frustrated in a relationship, we'll dissect the issues and find a way out of the chaos & isolation.

  • If you're trapped in a cycle and can't find a way out, we'll create a plan for change to break through the despair.

  • If you're cut off from yourself, your soul, or the future, we'll investigate what it means when your heart comes alive.

In our work together, we will tackle the fun stuff, the hard stuff, the easy stuff, the embarrassing stuff, the shame-filled stuff, the life-giving stuff, and whatever other stuff comes up. We'll tackle it together, because life is messy and sometimes needing an extra hand is just a normal part of being a person.

In our sessions, we'll rely on the insight, strengths, tools, and experience that we both bring to the table.

My job is to help you identify things you want to understand or change, and then work as hard as I can to support you in the process of learning, healing, and growing. I love collaborating with clients so that the work we do is something that you can feel a sense of ownership of and excitement about.

In counseling, I often use CBT, Solutions-Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and systems-based approaches. 

In a non-clinical-jargon-y nutshell, that basically means I believe:

  1. How we think (or have been made to think) effects how we live,

  2. We do most of our thinking through powerful stories that help us make sense out of life,

  3. We can question those stories and even build new ones if they aren’t getting us where we want to go, and...

  4. Sometimes we have to get creative to do that.

When appropriate, I also use EMDR therapy with clients who are seeking to overcome trauma or who find themselves feeling trapped by pervasive negative thoughts, beliefs, or other symptoms.

As the spiritual side of life is an important part of my own story, I invite you to let me know if you'd like to bring that aspect of your life into sessions, too.

I firmly believe that each client has every reason to expect great things. If you have questions about what this could mean for you, or are ready to get started, let's talk!

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