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Meet Katie

Katie Davin, LCMHC (she/her)

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Session format options:


Virtual / Telehealth

Katie Davin is an Ohio native who relocated to North Carolina shortly after earning a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. Prior to graduation, Katie completed her internship and practicum at a community mental health agency in the outskirts of Baltimore, which allowed her to gain exposure in working with a wide range of clientele and clinical issues.


Upon moving to North Carolina, Katie obtained her license as a clinical mental health counselor and has since worked in private practice settings since 2020. Katie primarily works with adolescents and young adults, and values continued study of evidence-based practices to help her clients achieve  the most meaningful results.

Katie is motivated to assist individuals in tackling the obstacles that prevent them from connecting with others and experiencing life in the ways they want to. Katie helps clients achieve this by equipping them with knowledge and strategic, practical skills.


In addition to her clinical work, Katie maintains an active lifestyle in academia and has published peer-reviewed articles on a number of key issues relating to trauma; such as various types of intimate partner violence and traumatic brain injuries.

Fueled by her love of all things science, Katie’s counseling is greatly informed by current research in the field as well as her own life experiences. She takes an eclectic approach and utilizes a variety of techniques best suited to each client. Ultimately, Katie aspires to make therapy an organic process by cultivating collaboration and acceptance within every session.

  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC #15453)

  • BA, Psychology -- Ohio University

  • MA, Clinical Psychology -- Towson University

  • Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Accepting New Clients!



Life Transitions

Relationship Issues

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Adolescents & Young Adults

Coping Skills


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Insurance & Billing Options:

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Blue Cross & Blue Shield*

Sailing Boat

Private-pay & Out of Network

  • *May NOT include Blue Local​ & Medicare-sponsored plans*

  • *May NOT include Aetna Select & Medicare-sponsored plans* 

From Katie:

  "What a privilege it is to be invited into the life of another human...

Katie Davin, LCMHC adolescent counseling for anxiety and OCD

and in such a unique capacity. I feel honored routinely by my clients and the ability to do my favorite activity on a daily basis… listening! That’s truly what I love the most about my profession – the opportunity to create an individualized sanctuary where each person feels heard, respected, and valued.


Throughout my education and training as a psychotherapist, one line has always stuck with me: “The therapy space is a microcosm of the outside world… and it’s a powerful one!” I take this sentiment to heart in every session and emphasize the development of skills that can be utilized in the “real world.” In our work together, we will establish collaborative goals, reflect, sort through all of that mental clutter, and actively problem-solve the areas of life that are regularly tripping you up.

In our sessions, we will carefully and thoughtfully create action plans for you to execute in between meetings. Therapy can sometimes involve trial and error, so we will find what works and fits your situation. I strive to meet each and every client where they are at, which means that our time together is dynamic and not restricted to rigid interventions and techniques. I take an integrative approach and incorporate techniques from several therapeutic modalities: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Solution-focused Therapy. In short, you can expect to become intimately aware of yourself and better understand your triggers, your body, your cognitions, and the cycles that keep you in the grips of anxiety, stress, unhappiness, or hopelessness. Further, I aim to empower you through psychoeducation. I find it to be an essential and critical part of therapy, so you can anticipate seeing a slew of informational handouts, book suggestions, and/or podcast recommendations. After all, “power is knowledge,” and my goal is for you to leave our sessions feeling more prepared and confident than when you arrived!

On occasion, our sessions may just be a space to sit, be still, and breathe because maybe your day or week hasn’t allowed for that. All parts of your humanness are welcomed!


While I cherish every hour spent in my office, this midwesterner loves taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors and the sunshine North Carolina has to offer. In my spare time, you can most often find me cuddling my very spoiled Aussiedoodle, tending to my plants, gushing over podcasts, and backpacking or hiking any nearby trail.

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