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Couples Counseling

Has your connection with your partner or spouse stalled out?

Does it feel like you can't break the cycle of fighting, arguing, or feeling misunderstood?

Is your relationship going through a serious change, transition, or adjustment?

Do you and your partner want to grow, build, and strengthen your intimacy and security with each other?

Are forces outside of your relationship with your partner or spouse threatening to tear you apart?

Couples counseling with the Redfish Counseling team is an engaging, dynamic, and proactive process. We help you develop plans for how to better connect, improve communication, understand each others' needs, and learn to trust.

Sometimes, issues that impact our lives as individuals can affect our relationships as well. Things like depression, addiction, trauma, or unprocessed baggage from past relationships can influence the health of our present and future connections. Couples counseling can offer a chance to begin exploring underlying issues that have negative effects on your relationship, while also addressing and treating the relationship itself.

Couples that work with us are often dealing with things like:

  • Trying to overcome unique differences, quirks, and unmet expectations

  • Understanding how past hurts influence the present

  • Getting through rough patches where its hard to feel connected or be on the same team

  • Managing life stress, transitions, or loss

  • Repairing a relationship that's been damaged by a loss of trust or betrayal

  • Figuring out how to manage in-laws, extended family, and blended family issues

A free 15-minute consult might help you decide if your relationship could benefit from couples therapy.

How does Couples Counseling work?

Couples counseling typically follows a structured process that uses strategic exercises both in and out of session. The exercises and conversations we practice in couples counseling are based on theories of human attachment and relationships, emotionally-focused therapy, and research-backed communication techniques. As with individual counseling, couples counseling is largely tailored to fit your needs, goals, and accompanying concerns.

Generally, you can expect things to follow an outline similar to the one below:

  1. First session: Assessment and Intake -- We take a comprehensive inventory of your relationship's strengths, areas of need, immediate issues, and desired outcomes. We will also scan for underlying concerns like unresolved grief, unprocessed trauma, substance abuse, or other clinical mental health needs.

  2. Individual Check-ins -- If it seems that further assessment is needed to get a clearer picture of your relationship's dynamics and needs, we may plan to have a couple sessions where each partner meets with the therapist individually. This can help both parties feel more comfortable while getting adjusted to the counseling setting.

  3. Sessions 2-7 -- Treatment planning & Processing -- We will work quickly to map out relationship dynamics and begin practicing new skills in areas such as communication, connection, problem solving, and enhancing intimacy.

  4. Later Sessions -- Application & Maintenance -- As your relationship is strengthened and we start seeing things improve, we will continue to meet as-needed so that we can address hiccups in the process and build on the momentum you've created.

Couples counseling can be a great resource for people in relationships who are hoping to grow, heal, gain clarity, or navigate changes more effectively. Couples often tell us they see better conflict resolution, fewer arguments, and a deeper sense of love within a few sessions. Couples therapy is available at our Winston-Salem office or through our online counseling portal.

What to Expect

Have questions about Couples Therapy at
Redfish Counseling, or ready to set up an appointment?

Couples Counseling can help you and your partner tackle issues like:

Grief & Loss
Unresolved Conflict
Self Destructive Patterns
Better Communication
Family of Origin Differences
Building a Blended Family
Relationships & Mental Health
Clarity in Dating
Problem Solving
Common Topics
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