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Individual Counseling

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed?

Have you been hitting a wall that's keeping you from moving forward in an area of your life?

Do your feelings about a loss or change in your world seem to be never-ending and too much to bear?

Do you want to grow, improve, or enhance an aspect of yourself, your skills, or your experience of life?

Redfish Counseling provides individual counseling to men, women, and teens ages 12+ for a wide range of concerns. At our Winston-Salem-based office, we create an environment where you can explore your primary goals and needs with the support of a trained professional therapist.

Our staff are trained in evidence-based therapy approaches that have proven track records for helping clients overcome issues like anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, grief, trauma, and self-destructive cycles. We also provide services for clients who are hoping to increase their self-awareness, work on personal development, explore career options, and learn new ways of connecting with others.

If you're wondering if you might need counseling or if it would be beneficial, take a look at the following questions:

  • Do you feel stuck in life or trapped in your feelings?

  • Are you noticing patterns in your relationships, thoughts, or behaviors that seem out of control or like they happen without your permission?

  • Has something from your past continued to hold you back, or made it harder to succeed in the present?

  • Have other people suggested that you "talk with someone" about a situation you're facing?

  • Is there something in your life you've felt persistently confused about, or wished you could get some clarity on?

  • Are you generally in an OK place, but know that things could be better?

If you answered any of those questions with "Yes," reserve a free 15-minute consult to see if our services are a good fit.

What does Therapy look like?

Counseling sessions can vary in structure, whether they take place in our private office space in Winston-Salem or through our online therapy platform. Certain factors can influence how long someone may continue in counseling, like the severity of their concerns and the nature of their goals. Typically, therapy at SCC will follow a general format like this one:

  1. First session: Assessment and Intake -- We get to know each other and create an outline of where we're starting, and where we hope to go.

  2. Sessions 2-4: Treatment planning & Processing -- We will start to strategically unpack your primary concerns; we'll take a look at present challenges, explore relevant past events, and build new skills that help you directly address your goals. During these sessions, we tend to get a much clearer sense of what "Better" will look like, and how to start making that a reality.

  3. Later Sessions: Application & Maintenance -- As you gain insight and new tools, we will assess how your use of these impacts your life and wellbeing. If we uncover new areas of focus or challenge, we'll dive in, armed with our new skillset and better equipped for navigating questions and concerns that used to seem overwhelming or just plain confusing.

Overall, counseling can be a very creative and collaborative experience. We will work together within the therapy space to structure our sessions in a way that most immediately and effectively targets your concerns and goals.

What to Expect

Want to know more about Individual Counseling at
Redfish Counseling, or ready to set up an appointment?

Individual Therapy sessions at our Winston-Salem office or online can help you address many concerns, including:

Social Anxiety
Substance Use & Addiction
Self Confidence
Panic Attacks
Dating & Relationships
Grief & Loss
Unresolved Hurts
Self Destructive Patterns
Career Counseling
Family of Origin
Adjustment Issues
Common Topics
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