Redfish Counseling

Redfish Counseling offers in-person counseling services in 

Winston-Salem, and to clients throughout North Carolina online.

RFC exists to help you create a life that reflects your values and move you toward your goals.

You can browse our website to find out more about our staff and practice.

Clients often work with us on things like:

Teen Topics:

  • Sometimes teens need another place to sift through things. We frequently work with young people on issues like dating, social anxiety, academic concerns, dealing with parents or other adult relationships, social media & peer relationships, self-harm, depression, and many other topics. We hold the privacy of our teen clients as a top priority so that they know they have a space to be honest. Whenever possible and appropriate, we make an effort to involve parents and caregivers in the counseling process, too. We make it our goal to make sure that teens feel safe, while also ensuring that caregivers feel equipped to be a part of the solution for their adolecent.

Broken & Difficult Relationships:

  • We are hardwired to connect. When conflict, breakups, or confusion happens in a relationship, it can be one of the most painful things we go through. We work with clients in any stage of the relationship journey to identify key areas of concern and unique points of strength. We often work with clients on relationship issues related to communication difficulties, insecurity, loss of identity, healing relational wounds, and restoring hope for a future that isn't lonely.

Direction for the Future:

  • Finding one's place in the world has never been a more complicated question. With the advancement of technology and global interconnectedness we experience every day, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start when trying to find career pathways or vocations that are meaningful and meet your lifestyle goals. We work with emerging adults (high school-mid 20s), established adults (20+), and anyone else looking to gain clarity and a plan for their future. We use gold-standard assessment tools to help you put together a clearer picture of what you want to do with your life - no matter when you start.


  • Often dubbed both the hardest and most rewarding job on the planet, parenting isn't for wimps. We work with parents looking to learn new ways of helping their kids develop life skills, or who have concerns about their child's behavior. We help parents find more effective methods to talk to and connect with kids, maintain peace at home, and deliver discipline without damaging their relationships.

Substance Use:

  • Whether you or a loved-one is experiencing issues related to substance use, it can be a scary and very lonely problem to face. At RFC, we work with individuals and families to better understand the nature of substance-related issues, and help determine what resources might be the best fit for your needs. We have worked with many families on preventing future harm, setting better boundaries, and getting connected with more comprehensive treatment options when necessary.

Preparing for Marriage:

  • Couples who are about to set sail often aren't aware of some common and easily avoided marriage"icebergs" that can pop up a few waves away from the altar. By using one of the most comprehensive and research-backed assessment tools available for couples, we help you learn how to solve problems more effectively and communicate better about potential conflict points like finances, starting a family, dealing with in-laws, household routines, and other common hot-topics.

Clinical Mental Health:

  • We often work with clients experiencing mood concerns such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar. We work hard to find and bring the best tools that have been well researched and validated in practice.
We use evidence-based strategies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and others to:
  • provide support for when things are hard;
  • create ways to prevent, overcome, and eliminate symptoms; and
  • help you work toward a thriving, fulfilling life that isn't held hostage.

At RFC, we believe 

change should look like something.

We value insight and processing,
but not at the expense of practical progress.

  • We help you understand the roots of problems while working to make change that you can see.

  • We provide you with strategies that you can immediately put into practice while also exploring things behind the scenes.