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Redfish Counseling Office in Winston-Salem

Our Story

Counseling & Therapy services group located in Winston-Salem, NC

Providing in-person therapy sessions and online counseling through our easy-to-use telehealth platform


Contact us now, or explore our site to see how we can help support you on your journey to "better."







-- the RFC team

Why Redfish?

“Redfish” is a shorthand slang for a few different species of fish. Some of these are known for traveling great distances, against pounding currents, to reach the place where they ultimately sow back into the life cycle of their ecosystem.

They fight against powerful forces to reach a place of creation, fulfillment, and the establishment of a legacy that feeds the future.

The Redfish has also long been a symbol of wisdom, strength, prosperity, vitality, transformation, and rebirth.


So, why Redfish?

At Redfish Counseling, we strive to encourage, empower, and equip others to be agents of impact in their lives, the lives of others, and in the world.

We work alongside our clients to help them navigate upstream through the opportunities and challenges of life -- past, present, and future.

We do this by championing our clients’ wisdom and insight, establishing strength through strategy, and fostering an environment that cultivates transformation.

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