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Meet Emily

Emily Greasamar, LCSW-A (License #P014699)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Associate

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Accepting New Clients!

Session format options:

Virtual / Telehealth

Emily Greasamar completed the advanced standing Master of Social Work Program through East Tennessee State University in 2020. Since then, Emily has accumulated a wide array of experiences within the helping-profession field, including working with women suffering from depression, supporting the psychosocial needs of seniors and low-income families, and helping men address stereotypes of masculinity and self-concept. Before joining Redfish, Emily worked in an integrated behavioral health team at a pediatric clinic that specializes in working with traumatized families and children. This is where she found her passion for the power of attachment, and began pursuing training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples (EFT).


Emily helps adults navigate the things blocking them from a purposeful life full of secure connections to those who matter most to them. Emily  works to help couples and individuals make sense of dysfunctional behaviors and communication patterns that can turn into runaway cycles. Emily helps clients address not just the symptoms of these cycles  (like anxiety, low self-esteem, communication barriers, and intrusive thinking), but the cycles themselves, as well. Emily leads clients through the process of creating change through strategic self-reflection, identifying the root of negative patterns, practicing kindness, and forming secure connection.


Emily's clinical interests include, but are not limited to: relationship issues, pre-martial counseling, codependency, attachment styles, parenting styles, anxiety, life transitions, inner-healing, self-esteem, relational trauma, life purpose, and young adult issues.

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Associate (#P014699)

  • Trained in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples

  • Utilizes Family Centered Treatment

  • MSW, East Tennessee State University


Communication Issues

Attachment & Codependency

Psychodynamic Therapy

Couples & Premarital Counseling

Women's Issues

Generalized & Social Anxiety


Young Adult Issues

Trauma Recovery

Insurance & Billing Options:

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Blue Cross & Blue Shield*

Sailing Boat

Private-pay & Out of Network

  • *May NOT include Blue Local​ & Medicare-sponsored plans*

From Emily:

  "Entering the helping profession seemed like...

provider head shot_edited_edited.jpg

less of a choice and more like a destination I was bound to. I come from a region where the resources to

address issues of emotional, relational, and behavioral health were limited. This led to me witnessing many

around me struggling to discover and develop the skills needed to flourish both emotionally and in the ways they communicate and connect with others. I often watched as the consequences of not having access to this information or healthy tools led people to develop mental health concerns, harmful substance use patterns, or unhealthy relationships that caused them lots of pain.


Secure relationships are a basic human need. From the work of Sue Johnson (founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples) to that of Abraham Maslow (the "Maslow's Hierarchy" guy), we can't escape how central our bonds with others are. Studies show that our attachments to others can be predictors of our abilities to self-regulate, engage in effective cognitive processing, function meaningfully both socially and occupationally, and tolerate stress. Combined with the ways our relationships have been scientifically shown to impact mental and physical health outcomes, how could we miss the importance of this one aspect of our lives? Yet too often, many of us are deprived from emotional health and relational security. This can change, though.

Interpersonal Neurobiology shows that our brains grow throughout our lifespan, and that the impacts of our experiences are NOT irreversible. We don't have to sit in the back seat, while our attachment wounds control how our lives unfold. Life can be so scary, isolating and sometimes daunting. I get it - said best by the infamous Taylor Swift - all too well! Yet, how cool is it that we know we can reshape the way we think and how we connect to our mind, body, and relationships!?

In our sessions together, you can increase your emotional regulation abilities, break down walls of anxiety and depression, learn how to communicate and connect effectively, and create a positive cognitive framework for yourself and your relationships. These steps can mean real change that leads to healing from attachment wounds and traumatic experiences, renewed confidence when life forces you to adjust, or the strength you need to have that conversation or maybe set those long overdue boundaries.


My job is to support you in increasing your overall quality of life and the relationships in it. I tailor a warm, hopeful, evidenced-based, humor-infused, relational approach to therapy. I rely on modalities such as Person-Centered Therapy, Attachment Based Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These complimentary approaches help my clients embrace and create their most authentic selves and best relationships! I am passionate about helping clients who wish to be free from the pain of past experiences or learned behaviors, and create something new.


Outside of work, you will find me supporting my two very-loved fur-children's extravagant lifestyles. I love any activity that includes warm weather and sunshine. I enjoy spending time with my support system and catching up on the latest episode of the Bachelor! I appreciate learning about human development and cultural experiences, and hope to eventually obtain a PhD.

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