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Tracking Progress in Therapy

We believe change should look like something.

Part of our commitment to provide excellent clinical services includes proactive tracking of treatment outcomes and session effectiveness. The tools we use to track success and/or hiccups in the therapeutic process have been shown to improve session quality and treatment efficiency. These tools also help us clearly identify when improvements in client function are the direct result of therapy work, and not just chance. In a nutshell, these tools help us quickly understand what is working in therapy to provide a better overall client experience that gets you more meaningful results, faster.

What does this look like in session?

At the end of your session, you will be provided with a link to a short form (one of the three linked above, based on age range). You’ll be able to complete this survey in 1-2 minutes without having to share your answers with your therapist directly during that meeting. Over time, your responses will translate into a timeline of progress measurements, similar to the example chart below:

Example ORS chart

These charts help us track: 1) whether your treatment goals are being met, and 2) how effective each session is. Through the course of therapy, your provider may occasionally review this chart with you to enhance their understanding of what’s working in therapy, what may need improvement, and to highlight and celebrate the progress being made you might not even be aware of!

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