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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

- for parents & children ages 2.5-7 years -

Are you looking to regain a sense of control in your parenting?
Does trying to implement discipline with your child end in tantrums, tears, and chaos?
Are you finding it impossible to connect with your child and form a secure bond?
Do you hope to equip your child with skills to manage their behavior and big feelings?
Are you desperate for a guide who can help you steer through explosive moments?

PCIT has been shown to be one of the most effective treatment methods for making lasting behavioral, emotional, and relational change for children and their families.

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Playing with Play Dough

How does PCIT work?

PCIT is not your average family therapy. PCIT requires active involvement from parents, while supporting you with strategic coaching and guidance from a trained clinician during each session.

During sessions, a clinician will remotely observe you and your child in a designated play room, guiding you through structured play and verbal interactions with your child. Parents communicate with their PCIT therapist using discreet devices (such as AirPods, earbuds, or other two-way communication tools) to ensure that the time spent in sessions with your child is authentic and focused.

Your PCIT therapist will provide real-time, in-the-moment feedback and coaching to help you become familiar and confident with new skills and patterns of interaction. Over time, you will become an expert in the rhythms of relating with your child in both difficult and connection-enhancing moments.


PCIT features two distinct "phases" of treatment:

Phase I creates an opportunity to build a strong base of connection and warmth with your child. During Phase I, you will learn patterns of interaction shown to improve children's self-confidence and their ability to regulate emotions, while also cultivating a sense of secure, loving attachment with their parents.

Phase II leads parents through the process of effectively managing some of their children's most challenging behaviors, while also maintaining their own emotional calm and consistent disciplinary responses. These responses are shown to help children learn and respect boundaries, follow parental direction, and adjust their behavior in public to more appropriate standards.

Have questions about PCIT, or want to set up an appointment?

PCIT is a powerful process that helps children and parents overcome issues like:

Self-destructive Behaviors
Public behavior challenges
Parental Overwhelm
Emotion regulation issues
Attachment concerns
Anger outbursts
Broken connection
Impulse control issues
Ineffective discipline
Managing Boundaries
Inattention to direction or rules
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