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Emily Greasamar, LCSWA

Emily Greasamar, LCSWA

Katie Davin, LCMHC

Katie Davin, LCMHC

Ashton McCurry, LCSW

Ashton McCurry, LCSW

Jenny Smith, EdS, LCSW-S

Jenny Smith, EdS, LCSW-S

Grief & Loss Autism Spectrum Neuro-atypical & Differently Abled Populations Adjustment & Life Transitions LGBTQIA+ Concerns Adoption & Foster Care Anxiety (Generalized, Social, OCD)

Tiffany Franzo, LCMHC, LCAS

Tiffany Franzo, LCMHC, LCAS

Sydney Elder

Sydney Elder

Chase Salmons, LCMHC

Chase Salmons, LCMHC

We help:

Parents & kids (age 2+) who want to stop arguing and bring harmony back home

  • Stop fighting, create structure, and start enjoying time together again

Couples building a foundation for marriage, or working on the one they already have

  • Learn about each other, build better communication, improve conflict resolution, and create pathways to lasting connection

People trying to understand how their 

past affects their present

  • Start engaging with life based on where you want to go, not just where you came from

Emerging adults seeking clarity about the future

  • Connect with your goals, reduce mental clutter, and form game plans that get you excited about life's possibilities again

People struggling to make sense of their

relationships and internal chatter

  • Build confidence & clarity, and learn new ways to connect

Students & families stuck behind the roadblocks

of ADHD, academic, or behavioral concerns

  • Build new strategies that use your unique strengths and maximize your opportunities for success

Individuals plagued by anxiety and

feeling out of control

  • Start feeling comfortable in your own skin again, and get back in the driver's seat of life

People of all ages who want to "feel" better

  • Learn new ways of relating to your thoughts & feelings, and be empowered to meet life the way you want



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