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Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Franzo Headshot

Accepting New Clients!

Session format options:

Virtual / Telehealth

Tiffany has worked in community mental health and private practice settings since 2013, including two specialty programs for the treatment of sexual offending behavior. Before this, she completed her practicum and internship in a university counseling center, providing short term therapy to students.


Tiffany enjoys working with individuals who want to better understand themselves and to learn new skills to help them heal and grow. She works with adults to address issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma,  and addiction; as well as grief & loss, anticipatory grief and bereavement issues for pet parents, skill building, and unpacking past life experiences.

She strives to help clients gain new insight and skills, to enhance resilience, and to thrive. Tiffany values the opportunity to walk with clients on their journey and she strives to continue learning and growing in her profession to be able to be a supportive, collaborative guide for clients as they walk this path

Tiffany Franzo, LCMHC, LCAS

  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC)

  • Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS)

  • Certified-Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (C-DBT)

  • Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Trained




Adjustment Issues


Interpersonal Relationships

Unpacking past experiences


Grief & Loss

Skill building

Insurance & Billing Options:

  • *May NOT include Blue Local​ & Medicare-sponsored plans*

  • *May NOT include Aetna Select & Medicare-sponsored plans* 

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Blue Cross & Blue Shield*

Sailing Boat

Private-pay & Out of Network

From Tiffany:

  "My journey to this field began with curiosity about human behavior, amazement at what people can survive, and a desire to help people....

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Being a therapist is a privilege and a blessing. It is a great honor for a client to allow me to walk alongside them in their journey and to bear witness to their stories and personal changes.


People seek therapy for many reasons. Sometimes the problem may seem obvious, but with further exploration we come to learn it may not be the primary issue. Sometimes the presenting issue or from where it stems is unclear, but we know something is out of sorts. Whatever the issue, it can take a toll on the whole person, mind, body, and spirit; as well as on different areas of one’s life like work, school, and relationships.


Therapy is an opportunity for self-discovery, growth, and healing. It is a process that takes courage and commitment both in and outside of sessions. Having a safe, nonjudgmental space for this process is invaluable. It can be scary to let yourself be seen, to acknowledge and talk about problems or past hurts. At times, it may feel liberating, energizing, or exciting as you learn new insights and skills. Other times, it may feel tiring, frustrating, or daunting. Sometimes things may get harder before they get better. I believe clients are the experts of their lives and that each have inherent strengths and knowledge to help them. But, sometimes the answers being sought are hard to find because the stuff of life, past experiences, or past messages get in the way.


My role is to be an objective listener, a supportive and collaborative guide, aspiring to instill hope, curiosity, and resiliency while also challenging clients in useful ways. It is also my goal to ensure clients feel seen and heard. I strive to help clients heal, grow, and thrive and enjoy helping them gain new perspectives, nurture existing strengths, learn new skills, navigate challenges in healthier ways, and make connections between their past and present experiences.


I view therapy through a trauma-informed, holistic (whole person), strengths-based, and recovery-oriented lens. Talk therapy can be helpful but is not always enough to identify and release past hurts or difficulties, so I take an eclectic approach, incorporating different modalities like CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and somatic techniques to help connect mind and body. I may also utilize EMDR depending on the presenting issue and client’s goals.


When we meet, we will talk about what brings you to therapy and how it is affecting you. Maybe you’re feeling anxious, having ‘what if’ thoughts, and finding it hard to focus. Maybe you’re feeling depressed with low energy and little to no get-up-and-go. Maybe you’ve experienced something traumatic or you’re navigating a major change or loss. Or maybe you want to better understand yourself and the dynamics in your life and relationships.


Together, we will work to identify your strengths (because these can often get overlooked) as well as your goals, and helpful ways to work toward them. This could involve processing life stressors, exploring personal values and boundaries, identifying and changing negative thinking or self-talk, role-playing assertiveness skills, practicing mindfulness techniques, or learning about the mind/body connection. In our sessions, we will not only talk about the challenges and what’s not working for you, but together we will be intentional to also focus on what is working, what is going well, and on new successes along the way.


If you are ready to take that courageous step or have questions, please reach out. I look forward to talking with you!

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